Beauty Is Being Good With Yourself

There is no better attraction than what it feels to be good with yourself. There is no better satisfaction than that obtained after having sailed in the waters of self-knowledge to discover values, strengths and needs. Only then do we make the best decisions, those with which we feel free, fulfilled and endowed with that particular beauty that makes us unique, authentic.

There is no person more beautiful than the one who always acts in connection with his interior. That which does not seek to be accepted by others but validated and accepted by the heart itself, by the very essence that defines us. However, we could say, almost without fear of making mistakes, that many people look at each other in the mirror without meeting each other.

Be good with yourself, the art of true attractiveness
Being good with yourself takes time, but but when you do it your load is less heavy. The ballasts of conventions are left behind, as well as those chains that we often placed on the mind, heart and feet in our desire to be well with everyone, not to disappoint, to be as expected by others. if being well with yourself and believing that you are attractive works, to really do it then you have a change to really feel that way, something radical like cosmetic dentistry in Tijuana Mexico for teeth restore.

3 steps to be good with yourself
People reached a higher level of self-esteem at older ages, and more specifically in the 60s. Why do not we reach this dimension earlier ? Why during our youth and first maturity do we develop this essential muscle of our personal development?

There are undoubtedly many factors, however, beyond those constraints that limit us and can prevent us from being good with yourself, there is the need to make changes. To be proactive to work on this exceptional psychological tendon that is self-esteem and personal fulfillment.

Improve your attribution style
The style of attribution has to do with how we relate our achievements or failures experienced. When I get something, is it because others have helped me or because I have tried hard enough? We must take the reins of our reality and for this we must recognize our own values, competences and capacities.

Every success or mistake made depends only on the person. Therefore, one way to be good with ourselves is to be able to recognize what we are worth, what we can achieve, where our strengths are and also our limitations.

The only voice we should hear is inside of us
Our world is inhabited by hundreds, thousands of voices. There are those of our family, our teachers, bosses, co-workers, friends, couples, the voices of social networks, the fashions, the voices of the supposed experts and gurus of politics, personal growth …

Among all those sounds there is one that is often silenced: our own voice. Let’s dedicate a part of our energy to turn off all that environmental noise from time to time to listen to us, to take us into account and understand our needs.

Make your passions your way of life
To be good with yourself, follow your passions. Do not get carried away by foreign tastes or advice, tune in with your identity and make your preferences, identity and essence your way of life. If we guide our day to day towards that path