Tips To Be More Happy

Life is not easy or fair or very pleasant at times but your habits and the decisions you make are what will make you a happy girl or a very miserable girl. The sad reality is that many people are not happy at the moment, many for very different things, one for family, situations or not feeling comfortable with their body, one of the first things that someone who wants to be happy has to find the way to solve their problems, each one different, for example a way to be more comfortable with your body effectively is with a liposuction in Tijuana with Molding Clinic.

Believe it or not, several studies have shown that happiness is determined 50% by our genetics, 10% by the circumstances of life and 40% by our feelings, attitudes and thoughts.

Wake up early: Studies have found that early risers feel happier and healthier than those who sleep late. This, in addition to making you happy, will help you better plan the day and your thoughts.
Look for experiences: People who try a variety of new things have more positive feelings.
Remember the happy moments: A study done in 2010 showed that people who had to face obstacles and overcome traumas live a life of satisfaction and happiness because they value more what they have.
Make sense of life: A good attitude is built based on the meaning you have given your life and the path you have decided to follow.
Help others: Not only will you make others feel better, but it will also improve your mood.
Be grateful: Gratitude removes toxic emotions and improves self-esteem; that’s why we recommend you remember every morning what you have and what you have achieved.
Pay attention to details: When you’re having a good day, absorb every detail like a sponge and enjoy it.
Take care of your health: It’s no secret that exercise and endorphins can make you happy, so why not take advantage of them?
Think about the future: It is a fact that experiences make us happier than material things, so think about your future every time you feel that your spirit is coming down.
Concentrate on your autonomy: Feeling that you are in control of your life is an important factor in being satisfied with what you have achieved and done in life.