When the Christmas season does not bring happiness or prosperity

When the Christmas season comes sometimes, we want everything to be perfect, and we go with our dentist in Samaritan Dental to have the best smile and smile at all times. People have an anticipated idea or fantasy of a party that they would like to see on TV, so psychiatrists usually have to give more consultations after the holiday season. In reality, things are never as people imagine them and are often disappointing. There are always family conflicts that come up during the holidays.

Especially when it comes to the family, it is essential to take care of the expectations during the holidays and not expect everything to be perfect. If the parties tend to be a time of conflict in the family, or if you have just experienced the loss of a loved one, pressing the family so that everyone gets along or happy will only cause disenchantment and additional anxiety.

Worry about what you have to thank, for your sister who makes the parties tolerable, for having a day off, or for the promise of starting something new with the beginning of the year. All this helps combat feelings of deficiency or lack.

You have to realize that the parties are over, put together in a lot what you have to thank. Being grateful is probably the best antidote against depression.

Trying to do too much
During the holidays, the pressure of trying to do everything, how to plan the perfect party, go home to see the family, accept all the invitations, comply with all closures at the end of the year, can drive anyone crazy. And if you are prone to anxiety and depression, stress and lack of sleep can significantly affect your mood.

Increased pressure and fear of not doing enough are the most common detonators of the Christmas depression.

If perfectionism leaves you stuck, you may feel depressed. Many people think that they can not do the right thing, that they disappoint people.